About Watanabe & Brothers’ Investment

“We invest in sustainable growth of advanced economies”

Since the foundation in 2006, Watanabe & Brothers’ Investment has continuously invested in equities and bonds. These equities and bonds are mainly those in advanced economies such as the US, Europe, Japan and Australia. In 2017, we changed our investment policies to concentrate our capital mainly on the US listed stocks. After that our fund has made rapid growth.

Currently, Watanabe & Brothers’ Investment is mainly investing in multi-national companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) as well as Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FRA). 

Please note that we are neither accepting capitals from any investors nor investing in unlisted companies. In our web-site, we are providing the US or German listed companies’ investment-related information. We welcome any questions or comments on the opinions or statements here.

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We invest in Sustainable Growth of Advanced Economies

The world economy is rapidly developing. Under such circumstances, we are encountering to environmental destruction. We have air pollution problems, and waste plastics cause marine pollution. In addition, forest destruction and global warming are long-term hot issues. Furthermore, we have various human rights issues. For example, labor issues, poverty issues, food issues, and education issues.Continue reading “We invest in Sustainable Growth of Advanced Economies”

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