Watanabe & Brothers’ Investment issued FY2021 Annual Report

Since February 2022, the world has been in a chaos. Especially, the Ukrainian people are facing difficulties which are not easy to bear. Encountering to the sacrifices of many civilians, we hereby express our opposition to any act of violence to change the international order.

We are always with the Ukrainian people and express our deepest condolences for the tragedy that has been unprecedented since the end of World War II. All we have to do is to put into actions to protect the world peace in the measures we can actually take.

We will conduct donations to the Ukrainian Government in 2022 Q1. Also, we continue to support them or international organizations such as the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) from financial aspects. 

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Under such circumstances, Watanabe & Brothers’ Investment hereby announce FY2021 annual report. Our fund achieved 15% growth in FY2021.

We sold a portion of Block’s shares in 2021 Q3. However, we bought back the Block’s shares in 2021 Q4 and purchased additional shares of Teladoc, Invitae, etc.

In FY2021, growth of our fund slowed down due to rising inflation and rising long-term interest rates. However, we recognize that the US economy still retains strong fundamentals. Thus, we believe that the medium- to long-term growth of our fund will certainly continue.

In particular, we believe that amid rising industrial prices, companies that can sustainably maintain their supply chains and keep costs low will grow significantly. Watanabe & Brothers’ Investment continues to evaluate the sustainability of investee companies based on the indicators issued by MSCI. Our investment policies are based on a medium- to long-term perspective considering the philosophy of ESG investment.

Currently, the world is in a state of great uncertainty. We believe that the future outlook will continue to be not foreseeable. For these reasons, we will refrain from announcing the full-year earnings forecast for FY2022.

2021 Annual Report

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