Watanabe & Brothers’ Investment issued FY2022 Annual Report

(Tokyo, JAPAN) Watanabe & Brothers’ Investment today issued FY2022 annual report. In this regard, under the challenging macroeconomic environments, our fund recorded 32% loss with respect to 2021 Q4. In addition, our fund are underperforming S&P500 in the last several quarters possibly affected by our fund’s higher average PER level.

Due to ongoing tragedy in Ukraine, the world could continuously straggle with the inflationary tendency in the coming several years. Although central banks may possibly and temporarily reduce interest rates due to their concerns for economic recession, the higher interest rates might be expected in the next several years.

We are now purchasing gold and platinum as hedging assets against the equities. These will be incorporated into our fund’s gross assets from FY2023.  

We sold parts of holding shares of TSLA and SQ in 2022 Q4. However, our basic strategy of fund management is purchasing the higher PER stocks under the higher volatility market. 

We continuously invest in the US and European listed stocks based on the philosophy of ESG investment. 

2022 Annual Report

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